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5 Questions You Must Ask Your Education Consultants in Tripura

To secure admission to a reputable college after high school is more challenging than you think it to be. Given the growing competition in higher education, students can’t help but be in the race of gaining admission to the best colleges and universities in India and abroad. That apart, career confusion is a real problem among school and college students today. To overcome these career challenges, you should seek guidance from the education consultants in Tripura. However, simply scheduling a consultation will not help unless you’ve prepared your questionnaire. Why? Well, that is because doing your research will enable you to make the most of such professional consultation and resolve most of your queries. So, in this blog, we tell you the top 5 questions you must ask your consultant.

What Should Be My Academic Credentials?

Although the consultant is going to guide and give you a clear picture, you should be proactive and ask him the right questions. What should be your score to get into the college of your choice? What is the procedure to appear for the entrance exam? What are the alternative options if you don’t get into a certain college? Finding answers to all of these will help you choose a course and college to suit your career plans

Can You Guide on Financial Assistance?

Funding is certainly an important aspect when it comes to higher education plans. You have to select a college that not only offers your choice of program, but it must also align with your funds & budget. So, whether you need grants, scholarships, or loans, ask if the consultants can help you with the funding for your college. Thus, if you research exhaustively, you will find the best education consultants in Tripura offering holistic guidance for shaping the career of several students like you.

Do You Help with the Application Process?

Filling in the college application can be a laborious task if you don’t have the expert guiding you through the process. Thus, your advisor is expected to help you with the college application paperwork, should keep you updated about the availability of forms, exam date options, and so on. To ensure that you face no problem in getting admission right after your school, it is also expected of an education consultancy to screen and recommend the universities that match your abilities and aspirations.

Do You Offer Spot Admission?

Nothing’s better if you can secure spot admission in top colleges and universities! That way you can get on the right track of your career without much of your time and efforts. So, you may want to get in touch with an education consultancy in Tripura that offers this splendid student-friendly feature. But remember, consultancies with only strong tie-ups and collaborations can offer this facility, so be careful while choosing the right guide for yourself.

What Is Your Service Package?

With study abroad scams getting rampant today, it is natural that you want to make a safe and right choice. Hence, we suggest you must clarify the service charges no matter which consultancy you choose to contact. Should you sense anything fishy, don’t hesitate to walk away and look for alternatives. A reputable consultancy will always be transparent and will never try to extort money from the students and their guardians.

Closing Thoughts – If you are determined to climb up the career ladder, you should seek advice & suggestions from the professionals who are the best in this job. At, we are driven by our passion to help students, our future generation, fulfil their educational aspirations and meet career goals. To know more, visit

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