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Expanding the Educational Reach with Event Management

As one of the major players in the education counselling market, organises and facilitates events to empower the student fraternity with greater access to academic options. We are renowned for collaborating with premier education institutes, government organisations and corporate houses for expanding educational choices for students.Through all our endeavours, we strive to increase students’ access to quality education and help them make promising career choices.

Located at Agartala in Northeast India, our educational consultancy also organises events such as educational meets, fairs, seminars, and press meetings for connecting students with the representatives and of colleges and universities. Through such initiatives, we acquaint the students with the latest developments in the educational sector and provide them with extensive learning opportunities. To speak from our experience, we believe that attending these events help students effectively prepare themselves for their future careers and the job market. Likewise, we also help colleges and universities reach more students, secure bulk admissions and boost their enrolment ratios through these fairs and events.

Several exhibitors and university representatives have appreciated us for our steadfast endeavours and pledged their support in improving access to education among the student community.

Emerging as One of the Leaders in the Global Education Market….

With over 16 years of experience, can rightly be called one of the key players in the education sector. Further, given our specialisation in promoting high-quality education among students, we have successfully collaborated with several global institutes over the years and earned their goodwill in the process.

Through our fairs and events, the exhibitors present ample educational opportunities for ambitious students who want to excel in their careers both within the domestic and international peripheries. The fairs we organise act like interactive platforms facilitating communication between visitors, exhibitors and students. By participating in these events and fairs, the exhibitors understand what students want and whether their educational programmes are meeting their learning needs or not. Such interactions allow them to keep pace with the latest trends and meet industry standards.

At, we make sure our students get the opportunity to have personalised discussions with the university representatives and exhibitors. Hence, we include the following expertise cells to process various facets of our educational events effectively

  • Creative Cell
  • Public Relations Cell
  • Client Servicing Cell
  • Production Planning Cell

If you want to choose the right academic path, attend our educational events and take a step closer to realise your dream. promises to stand by your side as you embark on a successful educational journey.